Hair Care Practice with CoCo & Eve

My hair has always been my thing.

You see me flip it, work it, slick it back, braid it up, lay it down, curl it up and tease it high. All of my on camera work puts my mane through a beating but when I’m in the middle of shooting season, my hair needs to look just as fresh as it did day one. Here are four hair care practices I live by.  


Here’s what keeps my hair strong and long:

Limited washing

I don’t go so far as oil training but I do limit the amount of times I wash my hair per week.  On average, I wash every 4 days which allows some healthy oil to nourish my scalp.  This makes my hair grow faster and thicker. Since I workout so much and leave class looking like a wet dog, dry shampoo is a close friend.


Wash technique: shampoo the roots, condition the ends. 

I massage shampoo throughout my scalp only allowing the suds to reach the rest of my hair as I wash it out. I don't want to risk contributing to the dryness of the driest part of my hair (the ends) with excess product. I do the reverse for conditioning: I focus on the tips of my hair and then work the conditioner throughout my full scalp as I rinse with the reverse logic - moisturizing product on the driest part of my hair. 


Limit heat exposure when I’m not working. 

I rock the messy beach wave hard when I’m not on set. Air dry, hair oil and texturizing spray and I’m done. I wrap frizzy pieces around an iron from the root to about 2 inches from the tip of my hair. Too much heat on the tips of my hair easily fries, frizzes and splits its ends. 


Hair masque

I can’t stress the importance of hair masque.  If I’m on a TV shoot cycle, I do them once week, if not once every 3 weeks. Throughout my years in the entertainment business, I’ve collected tips and tricks from the on set hair experts on how to maximize the effectiveness of a masque. 

One amazing masque that I discovered recently is CoCo & Eve. Some of their star ingredients are coconuts with fig, shea butter, linseed and argan oil. It smells amazing and I love that it is free of sulfates and all that other nasty stuff.  If you didn’t know, sulfates are what make your hair products create a lather and foam.  They cause skin irritation, strip hair of naturally occurring oils and can cause hair loss which HELLO, defeats the purpose. 

My 911 hair masque technique:

1. Shampoo with warm water, don’t brush out your hair before. If your hair is super dry, you risk breaking your 

2. Apply CoCo & Eve masque from root to tip, be generous with the product amount

3. Massage CoCo & Eve throughout your scalp and hair so it can work its way into your hair shaft and begin to loosen your tangles. 

4. After a few minutes use a CoCo & Eve detangling brush to continue working the product into your hair. Brush downwards (away from your part) starting with short strokes by the tips, eventually working your way to long full length strokes from root to tip.

5. Wrap your hair in a shower cap. I’ve also used plastic wrap or a plastic bag, equally effective just cumbersome.

  6. Sit under a heat cap or use a blow drier on low on your wrapped head to generate some heat. This opens your hair follicles to further absorb the CoCo & Eve ingredient goodness.

7. Stay it in the cap as long as you can stand, even over night. 

8. Rinse hair thoroughly. Rinse it again to ensure all the product is removed but no need to shampoo. 

9. Style and flip your like new hair!


I realize not everyone has time for a 9 step hair masque process so below is a BEFORE (Left) and AFTER (Right two images) of my hair using CoCo & Eve for only 10 minutes!

Just like with diet and exercise, healthy hair is about consistency.  I follow my 4 hair care rules and use amazing products like CoCo & Eve to keep my locks shining :)


This post was sponsored by CoCo & Eve but my views are all my own!

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