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In honor of their annual supplement sale, I teamed up with Whole Foods to share my supplement routine. Here’s what I keep on the counter, in the cabinet and in the kitchen to help keep my mind and body in peak condition. Find all these products at your local Whole Foods, 25% off August 2-4. Additional 10% off for Prime members!



Between remembering to drink water, eat your veggies, walk the dog and work out you don’t want your supplement regimen to be another chore.  I keep a realistic and manageable daily supplement routine by committing to taking only the essentials. I find that a Women’s Multivitamin and CoQ10 enhance my daily routine and help me perform at my max. I keep these two bottles in plain sight (on the counter) right next to my allergy and acne medicine. Because I’m always on the go in the morning, I take them with lunch, which tends to be the most consistent time of the day for me… plus it’s best to take them with food.

•   Multivitamin Women’s Supplement: While any multivitamin made for women is great, my doctor said to look for one with 1000 units of vitamin D. Remember: taking them 3-4x a week is better than zero, it’s not an all-or-nothing kind of game. I take Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code for Women. 

•   CoQ10: You can get Coenzyme Q10 in meat or fish, but since I’m so active, my doctor recommended I also take a CoQ10 supplement on the daily. I take 100mg/ day with food. 


Fun fact: Takes more cellular energy to release a muscle than to engage it— Cramping!



 Because it’s my job to be active, I keep two supplements on deck and in the cabinet so I can reach for them when my burned out body is in need. 

•   I mix CALM Natural Vitality into a glass of water or tea. The calcium and magnesium in this product are like yin and yang. I take this to help me wind down so I can get a good night’s sleep. 

•  I take Gaia Turmeric Supreme. While stretching and baths are essential, these two supplements help my tired body recover faster. 



I keep my supplement routine going throughout the day by incorporating products into my favorite recipes! In the morning, I use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides as my protein powder. Amino acids are the essential building blocks in our muscles and protein helps replenish them. I also use Flax oil which filled with Omega 3 fatty acids. The nutty tasting oil is great for salad dressing, on top of roasted veggies or popcorn. Fun fact: flax Oil can’t take heat and is NOT meant to be cooked with.  

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Here are two recipes incorporating my favorite

supplements from Whole Foods.

Refreshing Summer Smoothie

1 apple

1/2 frozen banana

20g Vital Protein 

1 inch ginger root peeled

Handful spinach

Handful ice

1 cup yogurt 

Peel/cut fruit, Blend


Power Popcorn


Vegetable, coconut or sunflower seed oil 

Whole popcorn kernels 


Directions: Coat the bottom of a pan in oil. Pour a layer of popcorn kernels into the pot, covering the bottom. Keep on medium heat with cover on until popping slows. Remove from heat and toss with the ingredients below. 


Top with:

Flax oil

Nutritional yeast



Optional: Turmeric powder 

This entry was sponsored by Whole Foods Market but the views and recipes are all my own. 

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