Mapping out your GYM TIME with @mplsTrainer


I follow lots of fitness crazed people on Instagram and Zach Martin (@mplsTrainer) is one who always stops my scroll.   Sometimes he’s suspended in the air crawling like Spider-Man, other times he’s tiptoeing down an imaginary wall like a zero gravity ballerina.  When When I visited home, I decided I needed to experience this for myself.

One of the first things Zach told me was that he teaches his clients to be their own trainers. GREAT.  I’m incredible at organizing my cardio and I will kill any class I take but put me in a gym and I am a bit of a wanderer.  Zach’s approach is simple:

WARM UP – 20min

With Zach, warm up consists of foam rolling, blood flow and activestretching.

  • Roll out tight areas on a foam roller.  Lower back, IT bands and the portion of the body you are emphasizing in your workout
  • Blood flow exercises consists of cardio – Choose your weapon and do 40sec of work, 20 seconds of rest.  Zach says “The ‘blood flow’ duration depends on the client and the weather. If it’s -10 and I’m training someone in their 70s they’ll need more time to warm-up. If I’m training a 15 year old in the summer, they don’t need too much time.”
  • Active Stretching –  Zach defines active stretching as “moving your muscles while they’re being stretched. Like those walkouts [below].”

Here is an example of active stretching.  Zach will have his clients do static stretching (just holding,) after the workout.  So a rule of thumb is: active stretching before, static stretching after.


Strength & Technique – 20 min


Focus on perfecting your movement with basic but powerful exercises.  The work should be very specific and slow.  Above was a series we went through with the TRX building the heat in my upper body and abs.


CONDITION – 20 min

This is where the magic happens.  You pick up the pace and perform exercises that emphasis the target muscle groups of the day but also incorporate the full body.  The struggle was real y’all!




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“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”

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