Working Out with Intention


I use Class Pass so I take a lot of group workout classes, like a lot.  I’ve been averaging about 20 per month in various fitness disciplines and a variety of studios.  Jumping between various workout hot spots continuously exposes me to new workout enthusiasts and fellow fit fanatics.  Though I raise my glass to anyone who is there because getting to class is half the battle, I can’t help but notice how many people are wasting their precious time and potentially hurting their bodies by not focusing on form and function.  I see two extremes: People who go balls to the wall and lift the heaviest weight or use the maximum resistance no matter what, and people who float through every exercise like it’s cake completely unaware that it’s literally all wrong.

I am pretty hardcore when it comes to working out, but at the same time I am never too proud to modify.  For instance, if in Pilates we’re performing a long plank series and I feel my body sagging and traps taking over, I regroup on my knees.  I’ll hold my plank modified until my traps have relaxed and I can feel all the right parts working again.  Similarly, if I’m performing a new squat series and my quads are burning or my lower back is pulling, I’ll stop and ask the instructor to correct me.  Often it’s a minor adjustment that changes the exercise in a major way.  The dancer in me has the discipline dialed in: I observe the way the correction changes how my form looks in the mirror andnotice how it feels different on my body so I can apply this knowledge on my own.  This is how change happens and You Kong Do It too!


Be aware of your body. Be aware of the exercise know why you’re doing it.

Listen to your instructor, your body and use the mirror to:

  • prevent injury

  • learn correct form and build the correct muscle

  • make the workout more fulfilling and enjoyable

  • maximize your time- you’ve made time to workout you might as well see some results

  • look like an athlete


photos: Nikki Dalanzo

Clothes: adidas Women

Shoes: Pure Boost adidas Women

These clothes were given to me by adidas to wear and share with you ♥