Shape Magazine: Shape Body Shop


Shape Magazine set up at the Hudson Loft in downtown Los Angeles to host Shape Body Shop this weekend benefiting the Movement Foundation.  The pop-up studio event was jammed packed with classes from celebrity trainers like the Tone It Up Girls and Jen Widerstrom from The Biggest Looser,  Flywheel, Pop Physique, various bootcamps, yoga, and a special appearance by Julian Hough.  In between classes we were able to shop fit gear, sample some of Shape's top beauty picks, and snack on delicious healthy treats.  My friend Remi and I jammed in five, I repeat FIVE classes on our own free will.

  • Jen Winderstrom: Bootcamp.  She split the room in two and pitted each side against each other to pushup faster and lunge harder.  Turning the class into a game made complete strangers work together and root each other on.  Such a good ice breaker for the day.

  • Brett Hoebel: Yoga Brazil. Brett took his training in Capoiera (Brazilian martial arts which combines dance, acrobatics and music,) and blended it with traditional yoga practice.  He changed up our thought process in basic yoga positions – we need to bend deeper in a lunge to avoid an overhead kick…talk about motivation!

  • Tone it Up Girls.  These fitness moguls used resistance bands the entire class.  I absolutely love using resistance bands because they are a notch up from using your own body weight while working out.  You don’t have to worry about bulking up and they make you fire up your stabilizing muscles too.  It’s insane how much you can do with little bands and the super sweet Tone it Up Girls were beyond creative with them.

  • Lacey Stone, my girl!  I trained with her at my first adidas event last year.  She set the energy on fire at a point in the day when I was ready to nap.  She turned simple aerobic dance moves into HIIT.  She incorporated medicine balls to use like basketballs and we performed moves inspired by her college basketball years. Lacey’s energy is contagious and I appreciate that she gives everything she has every time she teaches.

  • Pop Physique:  This was a good day ender!  I’ve taken lots of Pop classes- it is similar to many other barre classes, but Pop incorporates a squishy ball for many of their exercises.  We were tucking our pelvis’ and plie-ing with every ounce of energy we had left.